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We make complicated topics simple – with interactive webstories
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Organizations often face the challenge that their audience doesn’t connect to their messages and content, either because it is too complex or simply because it is presented in such a manner that the end-user switches off half way through.
We believe that the only form to captivate the audience is to get it involved in the narrative, which is why we have developed an innovative approach and a software, the IWLAB.
Do you want to use our IW lab to create your story or to turn your story into an interactive webstory ?
With this combination of innovation and creativity, the end user virtually drives the intrigue with his/her decisions. We call it ‘interactive web-story’.
IWS interactive webstories are web-based, dynamic stories with multiple endings that engage audiences. The core story changes based on the player’s choices.
General features of our IW
  • Interactivity : the user’s choices heavily affect the story
  • Multiple story bridges and rabbit holes
  • Exploration scenes
  • Multilingual versions
  • Beautiful artwork with dozens of backgrounds and animated GIFs created in partnership with freelance artists
  • Original soundtracks and voice over
  • Sharing of results on social medias (Facebook and Twitter)
  • User journey analytics
  • Web-based (no software needed) and optimized for smartphones and tablets
We use Iwbot, our interactive chatbot, to keep contact with end-users and to increase, in a funny and attractive way, the expected impact of an I-webstory.
THE CHRONICLES OF UTSUUQ : an interactive webstory on the 2019 European Elections
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The users embody the main character of the story, Jiil. Jiil is an agent sent to Utsuuq in order to solve the yeast crisis. She will discover a new world at the time of the Appellations. She must make delicate choices to save the Colonies.
The city of Utsuuq represents Europe with 7 independent territories, a metaphor for the Member States. All the genuine elements have been constructed for the best user experience.
Utsuuq is an interactive webstory deadling with the European Elections. It has been developed to raise first voters’ awareness on the next 2019 European elections.
The Chronicles of Utsuuq was presented in the European Parliament during the European Youth Event in June 2018. 75% of tested users would recommend the web-story to their friends.
Utsuuq was created thanks to the support of the DG06 and the UCLouvain. Many people collaborated including the illustrator Domingo Pozanco Torrrejon, laureate of 2015 competition ‘Animate Europe’.
TRY THE DEMO OF OUR interactive webstory
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IWS is a UCLouvain spin-off

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